Tuesday, September 18, 2012

6th and 7th Grade "Shattered" Values

In a lesson designed to allow students to master the ability to control pencil pressure/ create value in what they draw, 6th and 7th grade Art 1 were given the assignment to choose a subject matter, then "shatter" the composition using expressive lines. In every shape that was created by the combination of the subject matter and overlapping expressive lines, a value scale had to be created that transitioned from black into white. Students had to make choices about how to balance their value scales in such a way that would force a viewer's eye to move around the composition in a rhythmic pattern.

This was the same project as high school Art 1 students were instructed to complete recently, due to the fact that it's a really great value exercise for beginning art students of all ages to do.

Montrell Harris

Paeton Moody

Alyssa Smith

Carlos McCain

Ben Thomas

Grant Wiggs

Emalee Nole

Noelle Avent

Clar McGeough

Dominic Griffis

Ian Ivey

Esteban Cabascango

Kayla Ham

Nick Sekulich

Zachary Edwards

Alyssa Gibson

Alania Crosier

Tristan Hollon

Patrick LePage

Emily Smith

A.J. Finch

Anikah Edwards

Trevor McSwain

Jamal Moody

Megan Mustgrave

Sarah Gaskins

Cole Gurley

Connor Pulley

Alexander Kliesiewecz

Hampton Moore

Tiquan Bunn 
J.J. Day

Kylee O'Neal

Derek Santos

Joshua Marshall

Shanair Heath

Caitlin White

Kayla Strader

McKenna Kersat 
Lacey Jones

Anthony Zarate

Amelia Denning

Haydn Coomer

Alexis Howell

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