Thursday, September 13, 2012

High School Art 1 - "Shattered" Values

Value --- the effects of light and shadow in an artwork --- is an essential element for students to master in order to create a sense of realism in their work. Through learning how to control pencil pressure, students will be able to capture the full range of tints and shades that exist in any object drawn from observation.

This past week was spent developing a project in which students were required to repeat the effects of a value scale over and over again, within shapes that were formed by lines drawn over a subject matter of the students' choice. The result of the project is an effect of a "shattered"/ warped, rhythmic image that forces a viewer's eye to move around the composition in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Mitchell Nouse

Tyler Stanley

Alexis Graci

Caroline Lancaster

Rock Wilson

Sarah Skipper

Isaac Tober

Stephen Lockamy

Miranda Phipps

Jenni Harris

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